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Welcome to the Yarnaby tutorial. We will start with a YouTube video tutorial and then move onto screen shots. Please note that these are from a pre-release version and the game will have changes on release. If you are stuck on any part of the game or have any comments please let us know using the mail icon to the bottom of the page.


Below is the Yarnaby level select screen. Yarnaby has 42 levels spread across two worlds.

Notice how playable levels are coloured and the rest locked. When you finish a set of ten levels. That worlds mirror levels get unlocked.

Once you select the mirror level all icons and levels will be flipped.

In mirror levels the green square and chequered (i’m mixing my English and American spellings I know!) flag will swap positions. Once you complete a set of ten mirrored levels you will open up the world’s solid stage.

These levels exist for players that really like to be challenged.


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