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Anefiox annouce Yarnaby a simple but challenging and thoroughly enjoyable game that even your nan will want to play!

Yarnaby has lost his yarn ball. Evil King ‘Knitting’ Pin has stolen his beloved ball of wool. So now our hero must trawl through the king’s treacherous kingdom to find and save his bundle of yarn.

Without his yarnball Yarnaby has been left as a measly piece of string that even a cat wouldn’t play with. Being such a fragile piece of string you must avoid the ‘evil’ walls of the kingdom.

Save and rejoin your yarn and rejoice at the joy of being knitted into a jumper or being tossed around by a cat again!

The aim of the game is simple. Get Yarnaby from one end of the maze to the other without touching the walls. Not as simple as it seems when our string hero moves realistically. So watch your tail and enjoy a very unique fun for all game.



  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • 3 worlds, mirror and solid levels = 63 levels of FUN!
  • 21 more levels are ready and are being held hostage awaiting your ratings.
  • Even more levels coming after that!
  • Realistic string movement as you guide our hero through the levels to find his beloved yarnball
  • Leaderboards
  • Coming soon – Game Center & Achievements



  • L33T Skillz Graphics Engine – bringing you hyper realistic images*
  • Null processing sound engine – The sounds in this game will blow your mind*
  • Cyrstal touch screen technology*

*These are imaginary features from a developer who has been coding for too long!



  • Start by moving your finger away from the checkered flag and you will see the game character emerge.
  • Touch anywhere on the screen and the string will follow your finger movements. You do not have to have your finger in front of the string.
  • Start at the checkered flag and get to the green block.
  • There is no time limit but your efforts will be timed for bragging rights on Openfeint leaderbaords.
  • Unlock all levels in a world to unlock the worlds mirror levels. Tap on the ‘mirror levels’ icon and you will see the level icons flip.
  • Play all the mirror levels to unlock the worlds solid level.
  • Solid levels are built for those who like to be challenged!



yarnaby game story
game story


Levels of increasing difficulty
Levels of increasing difficulty


Loads of levels!


retro inspired levels
retro inspired levels


Is that tetris?
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