My first go at shooting a movie scene and what I learnt

by Huss
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Published on: April 6, 2013

Watching twitter one day. I saw that Robert Rodriguez and Blackberry had teamed up to make a short movie and they’d be running a competition for you to get involved with it. Suddenly, I wanted to become a film maker (Watching ‘El Mariachi’ the week before didn’t help)!

So I did a little research but didn’t want to commit to any expensive equipment before releasing a few shorts on the cheap. So I dug out my old tripod from when I used to own a DSLR (another failed hobby!) and grabbed my compact point and shoot (Canon SX220).

So I now had a tripod and a camera with 1080p24. It also recorded stereo sound so I’m ready to go I guess.

All in all I would say things when rather smoothly.  I practised my lines from the ‘two scoops’ script. Then got my props and location ready (My toilet. Don’t ask!).

This is what I found while shooting with my current setup:

- Lighting: The UK has a 50Hz electricity supply 24fps and UK lighting don’t play nice. It cause weird light banding in the video.

- Shooting the same lines multiple times meant I had a big editing job to do. I also shot the scenes wearing a hat and without. It turned out I liked scenes from a mix of the two but I couldn’t use them because you can’t be speaking with a hat on and then it suddenly disappears. So always shoot your scenes wearing the same costume or like Robert Rodriguez says in his book ‘Just shoot the scene in one take and then there’s less editing to do!’

Anyhow enough talk. Check out my first effort below:


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