Multi Maps + Street View on the Google Play store

by Huss
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Published on: February 5, 2013

Multi Maps was never really meant to be destined for the Google Play store. I thought Android users already have Google Maps so what would be the point? Originally I was trying to get it released on the Apple Appstore before Google came along with their maps app, but after it being rejected twice for what seemed to be nonsensical reasons. I decided to give Android a go (What was there to lose?!)

So now the app has been on the Google Play store for just over a month. Here is a link to the free version

I’m quite surprised to see that the app is now in the 5k-10k downloads range and advertising revenue hasn’t been half bad. Even more surprising is that the paid version has also had more downloads than I’d expect.

With this experience Android is definitely a platform worth aiming for. Next on the list is to get the app onto the 20 or more Android stores out their and see what happens.

I will write a little update once I have done this.

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