Corona SDK ragdoll code for sale

by Huss
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Published on: January 11, 2013

I’ve finally decided to sell the code to the ragdoll game I never finished. It was getting great feedback from everyone I had shown it to but after my first game’s sales (Yarnaby on iOS) not being up to much. I decided to not continue my subscription to Corona SDK.

So I have left the project half finished. It has 10 finished levels and 2 unfinished. It would be very easy to add more. It has a star rating system and save game support.

I’m currently not sure what price I’d sell the code for. I thinking either sell it for a higher price exclusively to one person or sell it at a lower price to the public.

This video below is of an unfinished ragdoll game I was making using Corona SDK.

Please note the slow down on some frames is due to me recording off the simulator & does not happen in game.

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