Startups, Finding clients and the first month of ‘being my own boss’

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Published on: November 7, 2012

Well it has been a roller coaster of a month and even though I said I was going to take it easy; a fair share of opportunities have  come up.

I started off this journey by heading to a local business meetup. Armed with nothing but myself (business cards still hadn’t arrived!) I started talking to the first person I sat next to. I was surprised to find 5 people interested in working with me and I didn’t even get to speak to half of the room!

Most people there were representing startup businesses. Through one of the contacts I made I got invited to meet a startup that had already secured funding. I even joined them in some of their mentoring sessions which were quite informative. They ended up making me an offer to join their company but it wasn’t something I was interested in just starting a company myself. We are however looking at different ways we could work together.

I’ve also been quite lucky that I’ve had client work to do from the start, but I would like to develop more apps and games. Sadly another one of my ideas has gone high up in the charts. That’s about 4 ideas in 4 months that have been made successful by someone else! I really should start to develop these ideas quicker!

Lastly I’m also working on some new affiliate sites. I will have a new one live by the end of this week and I also hope to have my first American offering by the end of this month.

Now off to do more work…

PS I also got offered a deal to write a book on Corona SDK! More on that next time.


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