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by Huss
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Published on: September 19, 2012

Things have been a bit quite on this blog for a while, but things are starting to move again. Why? Well the first and biggest piece of news. I am leaving my full-time job to take a shot at running my own company.

I will mostly be doing freelance or contract web development in C#. I’m also looking to take on client mobile apps and Facebook development. This work will be to keep my books balanced and to make sure I don’t lose foothold in an industry I have almost 10 years’ experience in.

If I have gaps in client project work. I plan on working on my own apps, games and websites (I have a ton of ideas I’d like to do!).

So I’ll be my own mini digital agency. Hopefully this blog will start to get a lot more of my attention, I’ll be able to do some dedicated indie games coding and start attending all the conferences I never had the time to before.

Let the adventure begin….

PS if you need a developer for hire please let me know! :)


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