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Published on: January 19, 2012

As you all may know Yarnaby has been sent to Apple for review. We have put the press release on this page and plan to have our release trailer ready for tomorrow.

We also thought we would make a small list to prepare any indie new comers when entering the App Store.

Prepare for the unexpected!

Whenever you publish on a new platform there are always niggles and extra work that pop up that you may not be expecting. When I created my first game for XBLIG I found out I needed an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) so that 30% withholding tax would not be applied to my earnings. This whole process took almost 6 months! Luckily I could still release and get earning on my game but it took me an awful long time to get paid. If I were a full time indie this could have been very damaging.

So here is a little list of dos and don’ts that I hope will help out any new devs out there:

  • This one may seem pretty obvious but do some research every store front has it’s own set of rules; there is plenty of documentation and helpful people out there if you need questions answering.
  • Decide whether you want to release as a ‘sole trader’ (individual on the App Store) or a company. Both have negatives and positives which I will not delve into here. So go to the tax website of your country of residence and read up on both.
  • If you are setting up a company. Register your company name & open up your company bank account well in advance.
  • If you are setting up as a company be aware that to get yourself approved on the App Store as a company can take several weeks (It took us 3 weeks but I’ve heard it can take much longer).
  • Unless you are in it ‘for the love’ make sure you get your accounts ready. Go fill in the contracts in itunes connect. You may require a EIN or an ITIN and these can take a while to obtain.
  • Have your bank details ready. You may be thinking ‘Ha! They are all on my bank card’ but is your IBAN on your bank card?
  • Have your description and 5 good screenshots ready as you’ll need these before uploading your binary. I suggest trying to get these done early on as you can always use them in your marketing efforts beforehand.
  • Do not put anything in your description that is not in your game/app this can lead to your app being rejected.
  • You will need a 512x512px version of your app icon.
  • Do not make your 512×512 icon look different to your on device icon. This can lead to rejection.
  • Do some keyword research. You are allowed 100 characters for your keywords and you are only allowed to change these if you do an update to your app so chose these wisely.
  • Do not put keywords in that your app/game does not adhere to. This can also lead to rejection.


Above is just a small list. You may have come across other issues or you may want me to elaborate more on the points above. If so just leave a comment below.

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