R.I.P indiexna.co.uk

by Huss
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Published on: November 30, 2011

Hi all as you may have noticed indiexna.co.uk is now pointing to my new company site anefiox.com. I thought having two blogs would be too much to manage so I will be posting all developments whether it be iPhone, Xbox, Android, PSP or PC related here.

I currently have two iOS games in development with one very near completion and the second being around 70% complete. I will soon be posting screenshots and details on both projects so stay tuned.

I will still be keeping my @indiexna twitter account for development purposes but will now also have an @anefiox account for company/game release news.

Also the end of my indiexna.co.uk domain does not mean I will not continue to release XNA games on the Xbox 360. I believe that one of my current iOS projects would port over quite nicely.

So feel free to follow me on twitter and I will provide a link to my Facebook page when it is ready.

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